The Syrian Conflict

indeed a disputed stated.

My message to Gilgit Baltistan

map of syriaSyria, all through the last two years, has been a subject to a very brutal conflict between The Syrian Government which is headed by Bashar-Ul-Assad and a little more than a handful of insurgents who, quite ironically, claim to be the side of the majority of the Syrian public. Bashar-Ul-Assad, the head of the state which is under ‘The war of existence’, enjoys the support of an obvious majority of the people in the country. As each day passes the conflict gets worse and worse with the number of casualties on each side increasing day by day.

The war which has been a landscape of homicide is moving ahead with full bloodshed. Each day brings a new standpoint from each side. The spokesman (for the state-head) claiming that the insurgents are being pushed further and further whilst, on the contrary grounds, the insurgents claim to have captured more and more…

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