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The Syrian Conflict

indeed a disputed stated.

My message to Gilgit Baltistan

map of syriaSyria, all through the last two years, has been a subject to a very brutal conflict between The Syrian Government which is headed by Bashar-Ul-Assad and a little more than a handful of insurgents who, quite ironically, claim to be the side of the majority of the Syrian public. Bashar-Ul-Assad, the head of the state which is under ‘The war of existence’, enjoys the support of an obvious majority of the people in the country. As each day passes the conflict gets worse and worse with the number of casualties on each side increasing day by day.

The war which has been a landscape of homicide is moving ahead with full bloodshed. Each day brings a new standpoint from each side. The spokesman (for the state-head) claiming that the insurgents are being pushed further and further whilst, on the contrary grounds, the insurgents claim to have captured more and more…

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flying kites

Flying Kites from Iraq and Afghanistan
Since more than a decade ago America claimed for his victory in both Iraq and far it has been unproven by the emergence of daesh (ISIL) in Iraq and the landslide victory of Taliban’s in Afghanistan. Then what left for here for America except penance. As, the united state of America moved with large steps toward these nations in the beginning but later it shift its way towards different path away from their grand strategy this is what called as political paradox.
The journey of United States for oil in Iraq started in 2003, when the western powers have turned their views against sadams regime in Iraq. A man who left his legacy in Iraq with accomplice. This was the new beginning as the people thought about democracy in Iraq which has never to come there except the division that left three factions, the Sunni majority, Shia majority and Kurdish autonomy. The second phase of this story started in Afghanistan where the Taliban’s took their hold back from US coalition forces. So like this the dream of America for bringing democracy and peace by overthrowing the autocratic regimes shattered in the sky and damped into the grave forever.
Now the chaos burned out at higher scale due to US withdrawal from Iraq and afganistan.perhapes this proves the hollowness of the US grandiose claims and failure of the United States investment on armed forces in both countries. it was the month of august 2014 the new fearsome group named as ISIS started capturing Iraq and within two months they controlled three main provinces and several main cities including oil reservoir cities in Iraq. This was what the real beginning when the leader of ISIS Abu-Bakr al Baghdadi claimed for his triumph in both Iraq and Syria. According to Baghdadi he asserted that he is not going to stop until unless he will establish his caliphate across Iraq and Syria. Nevertheless he did what he asserted about? He succeeds to establish his caliphate in some parts of Iraq where they have imposed harsh shariah rule restricting the western aping fashion.
When the ISIS first entered in Iraq they were thousand in number but, this handful of extremists forced the Iraqi army to flee for their lives, leaving behind foreign provided equipments and other heavy weaponry machines. Then ISIS started capturing foreigners (including foreign media personals) and beheading those hostages by alarming the United States and the west.however, the western media called ISIS as the legacy of saddam Husain. Albeit the decision made by obama administration to counter ISIS in Iraq and Syria through coalition air strikes was affordable but was not credible to do so.
According to international media reports the 2/3 of the ISIS forces belongs to western countries, they flee from these countries and joined this group in Syria. Now they are spreading their hold in both Iraq and afganistan.which is indeed a true challenge for obama administration. The whole case-scenario in both Iraq and Afghanistan is shaming on US training to armed forces in these countries, because they failed to recover the US support to push back these fearsome groups. Similarly along with this crisis the corruption in the US army has been highlighted by international media. For instance according to Al Jazeera English reports reveals that electric plugs valued at $900 each for US troops in Iraq when their real price was something like $6.with this very soon America is going to leave Afghanistan soon where hope is never going to come.

Written by:
Shahzada Rahim Abbas