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you tube dilemma

Why am I deprived?

No one can deny the fact that scientific inventions are boon for the human, without which, a convenient life and tranquility cannot be demanded in which one enjoys the luxuries of life. A nation or country advances when they have advancements in technology. Similarly, quality education can be acquired where there is access to modern technology. Here I refer the term technology to ‘YouTube’, of which existence is crucial for distance learning. Being a learner, I feel that I am deprived with a blessing which assisted me when I had no access to a university or a college to study in my interested area of subject. There are thousands of students and professionals like me who belong to remote areas and who encounter the same hindrance as I do. I inquired from some of the learners and scholars about their opinion; they complained that they are deprived with the lessons which they used to learn from YouTube. Furthermore, they said that they usually learnt all about 3 dimensional structures in physics from videos on internet which can’t be understood through the dry text. Above all, other subjects of learning are not far-off from this circle.

As far as faith is concerned, it is the human right that one ought to respect others’ beliefs. It is not a man’s duty to justify and declare others religions imperfect. The people who blaspheme and discard others beliefs should be penalized. Life is the name of challenges, one should face the realism. Punishment should be given to such a blasphemous people in a way that may not have side effect for other innocents. Constructive punishment can resolve disputes and misunderstanding which can be given by combating with pen instead with weapon. We can retrospect on history, when Sir Syed Ahmed Khan gave literary punishment in his book Khutbat- e- Ahmadia. He replied the all questions of William Mayor who wrote in ‘Life of Muhammad’, some sacrilegious and profane words for our holy prophet (PBUH). Additionally, Holy prophet himself is a role model for us who displayed his productive behavior towards his opponents. He even didn’t mind about the enemies who used to scattered thorns in his way instead he was kind to them. He visited to the lady to inquire her health who used to throw garbage on Him. Being His followers we should also demonstrate our patience because silence or being forbearance is a powerful bullet for the opponents and it is a remedy of temper as well.

On the other hand, the Muslims of other countries have the benefit of the machinery by paying no heed to such issues rather relish their life. It is not a problem of only Pakistan that it deprives itself from a grand source of development. Other Muslim countries should escort with Pakistan to resolve the issue. There should be a solution by mutual understanding and unity among the entire Muslim ummah. It can be resolved either by introducing alternate means of restoring YouTube or by mutual agreement with the other communities.

Another possible solution as I perceive is that such videos of the culprits can be shunned and discarded. It can be made invisible. Otherwise legging behind from competent era and its inventions is the personal damage of a nation.

Thus it’s highly requested to Pakistani authorities to ponder on the issue and lend a hand to the students towards their educational journey of whose career is at mercy of YouTube. If we glimpse on the truth then it is obvious that this blog is not banned at all. In cities, the internet experts enjoy the YouTube by the dint of other blogs, which proves inequality with the rural areas. There should be justice with all and sundry and authenticity of such steps.